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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting ready


Once again the Christmas season is upon us.  Husband and I went to do a little shopping yesterday.  Which was nice because I usually do it alone.  It is cold, with a windy chill today.  At least the sun is shining.  In the past month, my husbands father passed away suddenly.  We are sad to lose him.  But so thankful that he died doing things on the farm which he loved.  He appears to have sat down on the woodpile he was throwing into the basement, and went to sleep.  If we could all choose, would we not choose to just lie down and go to sleep?  So that was comforting to all his children.  It was so good to see so many old friends.  The line for visitation started at 5:30 and ended at 10:15 pm.  At one time the line was out of the funeral home and onto the drive outside.   He was well liked in the community.  He is the next to youngest of thirteen children.  Only his younger sister is left living.  She had a very hard time at the funeral because she is left alone.  But not really because she has her children who live close.  
   So now, I am rushing as usual to finish up my last minute Christmas sewing projects ( which I started last July).   Husband is out cutting down the asparagus and mulching it for the winter.   He is also putting up the storm windows on the east side of the house.   I am warm inside at the sewing machine.
The pictures are of the two of the four hats I knit for gifts.  The other is of the Stocking I made for each family member (Child and grandchildren) that I put out each Christmas.  I enjoy having each of them out whether we get to see them or not.   Enjoy and try to enjoy the season and the opportunity to be with family and close friends.  Remember to stop to thank God for the reason we celebrate and for the many blessings we have in this country.  God Bless, thanks for stopping by.     

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here is the answer

And the answer is $5.00  Yes five dollars.  I wasn't even bidding on this old machine when I realized the auctioneer was going down in price looking for a bid.  When he got to $5 I said yes.  The cabinent is beautiful.  Does need a good cleaning though.  Questions about my ear.  I had surgery in May to resolve a year long infection and repair a hole in the ear drum.  Over the last two months my hearing has gone away again.  Dr. said the hole in the ear drum is back and we need to try a different approach to fix.  No pain or infection this time.  So this week we discovered  why the hole was back and hopefully fixed for good.  Little more painful this time and I seem to be dizzy at times.  That is a new development.  I have not ventured far from the couch except  to look at the computer.  Going up to see the grandkids tomorrow.   Happy news with Ralph.  We started him on Prednisone last week.  Seems to not only have fixed his allergy but has also fixed whatever was hurting him.  I suspect joint and back issues.   Poor old dog things he is a young boy, and wants to go out in the evenings and bark at the neighborhood dogs.   Love being in the country.  His barking does not bother anyone.  And he does so enjoy it.   My back is better since my ESI injection.  So everyone should be fixed now and ready for what ever winter throws at us.    So are you surprised at my bargin?  The picture is of the attachments found in the cabinent drawer after bringing the machine home.  I bought a pink depression glass sugar and creamer for much more than I paid for the sewing machine.  Have a good week.   God Bless.   And thanks to all my good friends for you good wishes and support.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can you guess

DH, best friend and I went to an estate auction.  I bought the following old Minnesota treadle sewing machine, made by Sears & Roebuck. It has the original manual and box of attachments.  The machine is well used but seems to have all the working parts.  Needs a good cleaning.  Can you guess what I paid for it?  You will never guess.   I will tell in the next post.   Meanwhile I had a repeat surgery on my ear yesterday.  Doctor found lots of scar tissue behind the drum from my June surgery.  He thinks this is why the perforation reoccurred.  Much more uncomfortable today than the last time.  I am off work the rest of the week.  Hoping I feel better and can get some sewing in before the week ends.     Here is a picture of the completed pillow from a previous blog.  Managed to get that one completed before Christmas.  The weather here has been outstanding all week  and all last week.  DH picked the last of the Tomatoes and we have 2 quart of juice from them.  It will shortly become a pot of chili. 
DH starts a new job on Monday.  No one is more excited than he is.  It has been a long year for him.  It will be an hour drive for him, but he doesn't care as long as he can work.The job will be a little more money than the last job.  Which will help pay for the increase expense for the gas, I guess.   I plan to back off all the overtime I have been working.  I hope to get back to sewing and knitting more, especially now that he has tilled up the garden and it is officially put to bed.    I am knitting a pair of sock with heel flaps done. Just ready to turn the heels.   I am knitting  the two at a time toe up method.  So I hope to get those finished in the next few weeks.  Will post a pic when those are completed.    God Bless this country and all who read this post.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Killed my back

 Yes it's true.  When you are short and overweight, bending to garden and flower kills your back. I herniated a disc last year at this time gardening ( an accummulation of injury all summer long).  Low and behold, after my stupendous weekend, last weekend, I couldn't walk on Tuesday.  I had the shooting pain down the outter aspect of my left leg that terminates right above the ankle.  Limping along as I push the patients to their rooms.  On Wednesday morning I visited my friendly Anesthesiologist at the pain clinic for an Epidural Steroid Injection.   Not much better as the day and night wore on.  Long night last night.  I always have Steroid induced insomnia.  So about 330 this morning I called in sick to work.  Finally drifted off to sleep about 630 or so and slept until 10 AM.  Once I was out of bed, I am no longer limping and the pain is down considerably.   I hope by the end of the day the pain is gone and I can resume life as normal.   A friend tells me I need more pictures on the blog so I am attaching pics of my beautiful mums and also the fridge with a portion of the sweet potatoes.   We had 75 lbs of sweet potatoes from the 13 plants Husband raised off the 1/2 sweet potato submerged in water.     Some of you also want to know how to freeze the onions.  I pulse them in the food processor.  Place wax paper on cookie sheets.  Spread the onions out on the cookie sheet.  Cover with seran wrap and place in the freezer.  After a day I break up the onions into chunks and put them in gallon zip lock bags.  Then as I cook casseroles or soups, etc, I take out as much as I want and add to the concoction.  As I have no where to store root vegetables, this works pretty well.  It is simple enough, doesn't require much work and the rewards are great in the winter.    Have a blessed week and ejoy this great weather  .  Thanks for stopping by.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

The end

The end of the coding class.  Yeah.  Now to try to find something part time to get some experience.   No hurry for that though.   I am so happy to be done.   This weekend I took all the onions ( which was not many) and ground them up for the freezer.  I also took some mushrooms that were on sale and put those in the dehydrator.  I how have some dried mushrooms for the winter.   I like to put them in stews and soups.  I have a hard time using up fresh ones in a timely manner so this is how I keep them on hand.   My friend Betty and I wen out antiquing and traveled over to Hermann on Saturday.  No antiques there.  So we were forced to sit at the Adam Puchta Winery and sip.  I purchased their Vingnoles. A nice simi sweet white.  It was a gorgeous day.  We never run out of things to talk about.  I was amazed at how high the Missouri was.  It was out all over the low places along the way.  Also many of the smaller tributaries are out.  My brother in law from North Missouri tells us we have had over 90 inches of rain since April.  That is a record rainfall year.   Crops are TERRIBLE there.   Get ready for higher prices folks.  Again.  Seems like every year we pay more, make do with less and everything goes up but my salary.    Familiar story everywhere I am sure. 
Husband has three job interviews this week.  Everybody say a prayer that he gets one of those please.    Ralph is still under the weather although not as sick as last week.  He is at least eating again.    I plan to do some sewing this week again for the first time in a long time.    Can't wait.  Love the cooler weather too.  Spring and fall my favorites.   Till next week Bev

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thunder and lightning and rain, Oh my!!

I love the rain.  I love the sound and the smell of it.  I love the way plants and trees lift up to capture the water as it falls.  I love the way the world looks bright and clean ( or muddy) after it rains.  Tonight it is raining.  I have been cruising my favorite blog spots and catching up with one and all.  Today was a day spent at the computer finishing a chapter and taking a test.  This chapter was very involved.  Not hard just very involved and I am most happy to be done with it.  I received the good news that my nephew and his wife has a safe delivery of a new 6 pound baby boy.  Last I heard his name was to be Walker. after our maternal grandfather.  So that was happy news.  I know you are all disappointed that I don't have any canning or preserving news for you.   I hope once I finish this class at the end of the month I can fly through some sewing for Christmas.  I made a good start early but was side tracked by the garden.  I have read the good news from several of my girlfriends, (Gerry, Doreen and Carole)  I have been celebrating with you girls on the new babies and the good health news.  Life keeps plunging on.   My poor dog (Ralph) has been very under the weather this week.  Not eating and not getting up or moving around,  He does not act like he hurts anywhere but he is sure not himself.  If he does not perk up he will make a trip to the vet.  He is about 12 or 13 years old .  He was a dump dog that came to me sick and starving.  I nursed him and loved him back to health and he has been so devoted to me since.  He has been a sweet and loving pet.  
Nothing important to share.  Hope you all have a safe week. Living the Life in Mid MO.  God Bless.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pictures for summers end

Summers end

I always think of Labor Day as the official end to summer.  Everyone is done vacationing and kids are back to school.  For me it is the end of the big gardening season.  Time to put the garden to sleep and start cleaning up the dead flowers.  I officially put the flowers to bed in October.  We have a late fall and late frost here in Mid Mo, compared to NE Mo where I grew up.  I get to enjoy the fall colors longer and the late flowers bloom longer.  I have this interesting perennial daisy like flower that has just started blooming in the last few weeks.   I  no longer remember it's name.  I enjoy the surprise of the blooms in August.   Most of the garden is done.  We have some late stragglers of tomatoes.  The last of the Peppers were picked today.  The sweet potato vines are still green and vigorous.   We are having friends over for a barbecue tonight.  We dug into the sweet potatoes.  The picture is of one plant that the Husband dug.   He started the plants from a sweet potato we purchased in the store.  Just one potato sprouted over 30 plants and a great big vigorous row of vines.   The potatoes look to be excellent.  Not many potatoes to a plant but the size is outstanding.  We purchased a buschel of pie apples from the local Organic garden store.  On Friday ( my day off) we froze eight 8 cup bags of sliced apples.  I made two small apple crisp as give away gifts and made an apple pecan spice cake with cream cheese icing.  I took the cake to the church carry in dinner yesterday.  After church, I went to the Marys Home church picnic in Marys Home, which is near Eugene.  I have to say I don't know when I have seen so many people crammed into such as small town.  The entertainment was Bingo, a quilt auction, a country store and of course the dinner.  Fried chicken, roast beef , lots of deserts and vegetables.  They serve it home style.  You sit and they bring bowl, after bowl, after bowl, of good hot, home cooked food.  They serve mashed potatoes with sour kraut mixed in.  I was a little afraid of it, so a I took a small spoon ful to try.  I like sour kraut but wasn't sure I would like it with my potatoes, but I do.  Very good and unusual.    This is the last Catholic parish picnic for the year.  Now they start in with the fall suppers.  If you like to go there is a dinner about every weekend in the summer with lots of good food and good people to see and visit with.  Quite the Mid Mo experience.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.   GOD BLESS.  In God we Trust. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Radical changes

The longer I live the more I know that life changes from year to year and day to day.  Nothing last forever. Be thankful for what you have while you have it.  Tomorrow might find it all gone or changed.  I am so thankful to have a job as some in my workplace do not.  This past weekend my DH and I drove up to see the daughter and her kids.  Her husband is working out of town and he did not make it home before we left to come back on Saturday evening.  The youngest grandchild has achieved the august age of 8.  And as all young children as they age, has become more interested in his friends than his grandparents.  His little friend was over to help him celebrate.   As soon as the cake and presents were done, they were off to ride bikes and holler.  Fun to watch.   I have been working on my coding class slowly.  I have a three day weekend coming up and hope enjoy a couples day with my husband as well as getting another chapter and test completed,  Hope this finds all well.  God Bless  Beverly

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Antiquing Weekend

Hello, and less hot this week.  My best friend and I are here in St Joseph Missouri shopping in some of my old favorite stores and also checking out the antiques along the way and here in St. Jo.   We have a lovely room, have eaten at some good food and laughed a lot.  Laughter is good.  Last week was a very sad week as we lost a dear young friend and nurse that I work with.  She died in a terrible accident.  We will miss her every day.    This weekend I was able to find two Christmas presents.  I am always happy when I find just the right gift early.  I have several projects that I am sewing away on, just need some sewing room time.   Maybe next month.   The peaches are nearly complete.  My husband has been freezing them all week.   Only about 50 peaches left on the tree and then they are done.    Be back home tomorrow and back to work on Monday.  So hope that you all have a great week coming up.   Be safe , tell those you cherish that you love them and stop in again soon.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This week

Had the best week.  I worked over 45 hours.  ( that is not the good part although every day I thank God I have a good job).   I was able to spend a few hours with some good friends over lunch yesterday and caught up with what everyone is doing.  Time flies quickly and the afternoon did not last long enough.  But to you Kelly, the lunch was wonderful and I enjoyed the visit. Then I stopped by the Neighbors to wish Anna Marie a happy birthday.  Love Anna and Ed.  They are special people.    Then it was home for canning.   I made 10 quarts of V-8.  Although, I guess technically what I make is V7.  Anyway we  like it.  I also use it to make my beef stews in the winter.   I also had peaches ready so, I made a batch of Peach jam this morning.  The trees are loaded as you can see by the picture, so I will have more than enough to put up peaches to eat and more jam.  My husbands favorite  are peach jam and grape jelly.   Grapes are doing to well this year so we will be happy with peach jam.  On Wednesday, I helped a friend make some accent pillows to go with her new bedspread.  She is a novice sewer and it was very fun to help her make three pillows, using material on sale and some embroidery designs.   We made the three pillows for a little more than the cost of one purchased accent pillow.  She was very happy.  It was fun.   My reward for my hard work this week ( other than the wonderfully colorful jars of food on the pantry)?   I am going to eat Mexican for lunch and then on the the new Angelina Jolie Movie.   Then this after noon I will probably do some studying on my Medical billing and coding class that I am nearly finished with.    See you all soon.  God Bless and thanks for stopping by.   And don't forget, if you are of the mind,to add "In God we Trust", or "One Nation Under God" to your emails, snail mails, and any other means you might have to keep our founding principals upper most in peoples minds. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Long time since last hello

Where have I been you ask.  Why working in the garden, the yard, and the Hospital.   Mostly in the hospital.  Lots of overtime and some extra shifts.   Have to make ends meet.  When not working an extra shift.  I am canning or freezing the vegetables that are ready.  We are done with the cucumbers, the green beans and now the corn.  The Zucchini cooked in the heat so it is done.   The tomatoes, beets and peppers are just beginning to get ripe.  Really, what is better than a vine ripe, nice rich red tomato?  So in the next few weeks I will make salsa, V-8, spegetti sauce and some whole tomatoes.   Then the canning will be done, fall will be here and I can relax and enjoy some nice weather before winter.  The rain here in Mid Mo seems to never stop.  It stormed yesterday and again this morning.   Rain is good.  Keeps the pastures green,but really the small streams have been flooding all summer, so enough for a week or two.    I have posted two of my works in progress.  The only sewing I have managed this summer.  I am finishing a block of the month called the Queen and her Court.  The pink pieced block is the center block.   I am also working on the primitive applique as a Christmas gift for someone I love.   I always start early on those homemade gifts.    Now I need to get on with the day.  I only have one day off and lots of work to get done.  Stay cool.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Up to my eyeballs.

  This post was from May 25.  However, I put it in  draft instead of publish.  So what the heck.  I am going to publish it now.  Heavy rains throughout the night with vivid lightening and loud thunder, all of which I slept through.  This morning  I was keeping a close eye on the newly fledged baby blue birds.  Four fat and fluffy little blue birds leaped (or fell) from the birdhouse into the flower garden.   They had a treacherous journey through the flower bed, around the water feature and up the drive to reach the safely of tall grass in the neighbor's lot.   Two were still in the grass at 5 pm.  I hope they figure out how to fly before the coming thunderstorms drown them tonight.    The Husband  picked our small strawberry patch this morning.     We have had enough berries in the past week to eat  two strawberry shortcakes.  Yum. Today, he picked two 4 quart buckets full.   So I froze two one gallon vacuum sealed bags of halved berries(although I am sure they did not hold a gallon)  With the remaining  berries, I made two batches of strawberry jam.   I took four still warm jars to my quilting girls.  We  five get together once a month to catch up on the news of one another and share in some sisterhood.   Great gals and I love them dearly.  It was nice to share the bounty with them.   The past two weeks I have been busy planting the flower beds.  The peonies are blooming now.   They smell so lovely.  Between work and the yard/garden  I have had little time for the computer and reading blogs.  Rainy days are always nice for catch up time.  

6 week update

And how fast the time flew.  After the prom, I have been gardening between the rains.  I have all the beautiful flower beds planted.  I had them all weeded at one point.  Now I need to weed again.  The colors are gorgeous this year because we have had so many nice rains.   No need for extra watering.   I also had a bumper crop of strawberries and asparagus.  I made several recipes of strawberry jam, froze strawberries, gave away 5 quart buckets full of strawberries, took strawberries to every carry in event, and ate more that I ever wanted.    It was a bountiful year.  Our little patch has never produced so many large berries before.   It was wonderful.  And now I am glad that season is done.   The husband has enlarged the garden.   We have a 15 ft  x 30 garden.  And now we have a 16 by 16 foot area with the vining plants.   Not a good year for bean and corn plantings.  He has had to replant twice due to all the nice rain that has made the flowers so wonderful.  He plants and cares for the garden  I do the flowers and herbs.  Together we pick and preserve-either freeze, can, or dehydrate the produce.   Since I work full time I am most appreciative of his help.   Our neighbors like to stop in and view the yard and the progress of the garden.  I think because they know they will share in the bounty when we have more than we can eat.   
  So the spring rush is over and I can settle down into the summer routine.   I have purchased the new EQ7 upgrade, which I installed today.  I hope tomorrow I might be able to spend some time playing with it.  I do enjoy designing my quilts on this program.   I did spend Wednesday with my Quilting friends.  We had a road trip to a nearby town to shop for fabric, eat lunch, talk and laugh.  We  have a grand time together.  I also went to the Missouri River Quilt Guild quilt show last Sunday.  Very impressive.  Many beautiful quilts.  Seemed to be a very good attendance.
    Now that I am caught up on the outside work, I hope to be a more faithful blogger.  

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Floods and Prom

This was the big weekend for #2 Granddaughter.  She looked beautiful as she sloshed through the mud and water while holding her gown up to her knees.  It must have rained at least 5 inches yesterday in Northeast, Missouri.  There is standing water every where.   All the little creeks, small rivers, drainage ditches and some fields were flooded as I drove South toward home today- in the rain.  A little rain did not deter the determined high schoolers from enjoying the party.  The Granddaughter arrived safely back home at about 0530 this morning and was sleeping when I left for home.   So all the drama and angst was worth the final smiles and thrill of Prom.   The end of another school year on her way to "real life".  I had forgotten my camera which necessitated a quick trip to the local Walmart for a cheap camera to record the big events of the night.   While at  my daughters home for the Prom we celebrated the #2 grandson's 15th birthday.   His is moody and sullen these days.  He has arrived at the " I am smarter than my parents and just about everyone else alive" age.  I hope he comes out of the "black hole of teenager" alive and a better person on the other side
  I, meanwhile had a chance to attend a small quilt show in Keokuk Iowa with my mother on Saturday afternoon.  I was very nice.   I also enjoyed the day events of preparing for the prom.   I think it was a success and everyone there is exhausted and resting today.   Glad to be home again.  Tonight- a movie and the couch.   Work again tomorrow.  For those of you with Face  Book- hop on over to my Facebook page and view the Prom photos.  Cheers

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Long week

As always, the week has flown by.  I have worked many hours or overtime in the last 10 days.  Needless to say I was very tired this weekend.  I was lazy and did not get up for Sunday School.  I stayed home and drank my coffee and read a bit.  Then off to church.   I fixed a lovely crock pot luch of roast beef and carrots.  Then finished the meal with mashed potatos, gravy, homemade egg noodles, and rolls.  I should have stemmed some of the prolific asparagus we are harvesting, but did not.  I did manage to weed two flower beds and transplant a couple of Columbine.   My muscles were complaining so I stopped with the weeding.  I will resume that task on Wednesday.   I think that this time of year in Missouri is the most beautiful.  The redbuds are nearly done blooming.  The hawthorne and dogwood are pretty.  The grass is brilliant green and the dandelions are bright yellow.  The days are warm with low humidity. The nights are very cool and crisp.  My favorite time of the year.Yesterday, I met with some friends for lunch at the Lake of the Ozarks.  There is a tea room called the Yankee Peddler there.  We met there and had a great time catching up.  Lovely to see the 4 friends again.    Looking forward to next weekend when I will travel up north to visit the grand children and their mother again.  It will be prom weekend and we will see the dress and the hair in all of its' glory.   I wish to seen condolances out to my two friends who lost family memeber this week.  God be with you and with all who read my life in Mid Missouri.  Thanks for stopping by.  Come again soon.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bleeding Heart

I came back from the trip to Northeast MO to find my bleeding heart all abloom. I had to share with you all.  We had a lovely Easter spending the night and coloring eggs with the youngest grandson.  Then Grandpa took the boys fishing.   Nice windy, warm Saturday for that.   Today we went to church with Husbands father and Mother.  However, we did not arrive early enough.  The Church was full to over flowing, so we had to sit all around where ever there was space for two or three of us.   We saw and visited with many old friends.  So nice.   Then off to my Brothers for Easter dinner with my family.  We had not all been together since Christmas.  My folks just returned from spending the winter in Texas, so it was good to all be together.   Then home tonight to find storm warnings, chance for more rain and my beautiful Bleeding heart.  Hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter day.    

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


When I was quite young,my grandfather told me "time flies by".  People frequently say "where did the time go?".  As a younger mother of two toddlers, I remember thinking, the days and weeks went so slowly and the time would never come for the children to grow older and more independent.   Where did the time go?  The handsome young man, with the very smart "65 Ford Farlaine has become the older man sitting in his recliner watching reruns on the Western Channel.  If someone had told me, so long ago, that 38 years later I would be going to bed at 930 at night insteady of midnight,  I never would have believed them.  That a big date night for us would be going grocery shopping, or eating an early dinner out and being home on the couch by 630pm, I would have laughed.   Our 38th anniversery was March 26.  We are older, I hope wiser and just amazed at how fast life has passed.  We went shopping for some Easter clothes for the Man of the House, picked up some pet supplies, ate an early dinner out and made it back home by 5 pm.   Funny how time changes your priorities and desires.   Fun comes in many forms, none as wild or exciting as we once dreamed them to be.  Happiness and contentment comes in little intimate moments of every day life.  Shared in simple ways.  We are  grateful for each other, our good health, our children and grandchildren, our parents, our wonderful church home, our faith in God and the free nation we live in.    God bless our soldiers, protect our friends and family and help those who are in need  whatever that need may be.   God bless each of you as you read this journey in my Mid Missouri Life.  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The grandkids

The husband and I travelled in a sleet and snow storm which began just south of Center, MO and increased in intensity until we arrived unscathed at the daughters house in Luray, MO which is  10 miles west of Kahoka, MO the town where I grew up and where my parent and in-laws still live.  It continued to snow throughout the day and th ground is snow white and the temp is a cool 37 degrees. I brought my sewing machine and various sewing supplies.   We finished the prom dress yesterday.  Granddaughter  is very happy with the dress.  Grandmother (me) is relieved that Granddaughter is happy.  The roads seem to be clear now.  So after lunch we will start the 150 mile (3 hour) drive home.  I am always so happy to come visit and so happy to make it safely back home to my warm bed and loving pets.   Ralph,beagle/bassett extroidenaire, has spent the weekend at the home of our good friends the Stewarts.  He enjoys playing with their mix breed Sam.  He does run and stand by the door signaling that he is ready to leave when we arrive to pick him up.  Guess he likes home too.  Hoping one and all have a safe and happy weekend.  Hoping my friend Dianna makes it safely to St. Louis and her mother makes it safely through surgery.   Enjoy the prom dress photos.   Beverly

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The end of my day off. I did finish the Dollar Dance bag that I made to sell. I am generally happy with it. Every time I make one, I find something to change or improve for the next time. Eventually, I will have a product I can make easily without giving too much thought and time to it. Then it will become profitable. I did visit the Doctor today for my ear. Those of you who know me, know my ear has been a problem for me since last summer. Some strange fungul growth and holes in the ear drum. I am scheduled for a tympanoplasty next month. In the meantime, some more growth deveolped ( Which caused enough pain to keep me up for two nights)and required a minor office procedure to excise. Quite painful. So, after returning home I took some pain medicine and slept for a few hours. The ear is still quite sore but nothing compared to before he removed it. Hoping the rest of the week will be more tolerable
The daffodils and tulips are up. They will be blooming soon. After this cloudy misty day, I am ready for a sunny day. Which will be tomorrow whilst I am working at the hospital. Off to bed so I can be awake and responsible on the job tomorrow.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Once again, I am "on call". This means at any minute the phone will ring and I will be off to the hospital to recover someone from their weekend surgery. It is rainy and dreary so I guess I shouldn't mind. I have been reflecting recently how much of my life has been spent at work, or driving to and from work. Much more than the time I spend nourishing my soul with good coffee, good chocolate, good friends, a movie, creating a quilt, a pillow or a card/. ( big run on sentence there). No time to wax nostalgic today. I am on the mission to create a cute baby quilt for a co worker. If I leave the computer I might get it all cut out today. Lunch is in the crock pot and I am on my way to the sewing room.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is the first

In order not to be left behind by my friends I have given in to the world of blogging. I intend to use this space to record my every day life so that my friends and family might know just how full, busy and crazy our days have become. So much to do, so many things I want to do and plan to do with very little time to fit it all in. So this will be my earnest endeavor to display it for one and all.