The sweetest alive

Friday, June 24, 2011

Back from the cruise

My daughter and granddaughter and I went on the Inside passage Alaskan cruise.  We cruised for 7 days.   We were gone for 10 days.  Great pictures, great memories, great time.   I loved every minute of it.  Especially the being pampered on the cruise ship.    It was a big ship with 2000 tourist and 875 employees.  The size of the town my daughter is from.  So it was a little overwhelming for the granddaughter but she says she had fun.  She turned 18 on the cruise.      We had a most wonderful time.   The pictures are boarding the ship and of the Mendlehom glacier.
    Now we are back home and life has returned to normal.  Back to work, back to the garden and today, I am determined to finish this darn Queen and her court quilt.  I should have finished it last winter.   It needs to go away to the quilter and be done.   These lower pictures are of the garden.  From what I hear from my family up in Northern Missouri, I may be the only one with a garden.  Very wet up there.  They are having difficulty getting they hay in bales.

  I have faithfully read all post to the blogs I follow on my Nook while gone and have enjoyed keeping up with all.   I admire all that everyone accomplishes.