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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here is the answer

And the answer is $5.00  Yes five dollars.  I wasn't even bidding on this old machine when I realized the auctioneer was going down in price looking for a bid.  When he got to $5 I said yes.  The cabinent is beautiful.  Does need a good cleaning though.  Questions about my ear.  I had surgery in May to resolve a year long infection and repair a hole in the ear drum.  Over the last two months my hearing has gone away again.  Dr. said the hole in the ear drum is back and we need to try a different approach to fix.  No pain or infection this time.  So this week we discovered  why the hole was back and hopefully fixed for good.  Little more painful this time and I seem to be dizzy at times.  That is a new development.  I have not ventured far from the couch except  to look at the computer.  Going up to see the grandkids tomorrow.   Happy news with Ralph.  We started him on Prednisone last week.  Seems to not only have fixed his allergy but has also fixed whatever was hurting him.  I suspect joint and back issues.   Poor old dog things he is a young boy, and wants to go out in the evenings and bark at the neighborhood dogs.   Love being in the country.  His barking does not bother anyone.  And he does so enjoy it.   My back is better since my ESI injection.  So everyone should be fixed now and ready for what ever winter throws at us.    So are you surprised at my bargin?  The picture is of the attachments found in the cabinent drawer after bringing the machine home.  I bought a pink depression glass sugar and creamer for much more than I paid for the sewing machine.  Have a good week.   God Bless.   And thanks to all my good friends for you good wishes and support.  


Betty said...

You got a good deal to say the least. As you said the cabinet is beautiful. I think you made a good investment.

Glad to hear that DH is back in the work force. Sometimes it takes a while for our prayers to be answered.

twodraftmom said...

5 bucks? amazing! Glad you and Ralph are all fixed up ! sometimes dogs are allergic to the corn in their food. we missed you at chicks! Claire

Dianna said...

That's amazing. Where will you put it?