The sweetest alive

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Up to my eyeballs.

  This post was from May 25.  However, I put it in  draft instead of publish.  So what the heck.  I am going to publish it now.  Heavy rains throughout the night with vivid lightening and loud thunder, all of which I slept through.  This morning  I was keeping a close eye on the newly fledged baby blue birds.  Four fat and fluffy little blue birds leaped (or fell) from the birdhouse into the flower garden.   They had a treacherous journey through the flower bed, around the water feature and up the drive to reach the safely of tall grass in the neighbor's lot.   Two were still in the grass at 5 pm.  I hope they figure out how to fly before the coming thunderstorms drown them tonight.    The Husband  picked our small strawberry patch this morning.     We have had enough berries in the past week to eat  two strawberry shortcakes.  Yum. Today, he picked two 4 quart buckets full.   So I froze two one gallon vacuum sealed bags of halved berries(although I am sure they did not hold a gallon)  With the remaining  berries, I made two batches of strawberry jam.   I took four still warm jars to my quilting girls.  We  five get together once a month to catch up on the news of one another and share in some sisterhood.   Great gals and I love them dearly.  It was nice to share the bounty with them.   The past two weeks I have been busy planting the flower beds.  The peonies are blooming now.   They smell so lovely.  Between work and the yard/garden  I have had little time for the computer and reading blogs.  Rainy days are always nice for catch up time.  

6 week update

And how fast the time flew.  After the prom, I have been gardening between the rains.  I have all the beautiful flower beds planted.  I had them all weeded at one point.  Now I need to weed again.  The colors are gorgeous this year because we have had so many nice rains.   No need for extra watering.   I also had a bumper crop of strawberries and asparagus.  I made several recipes of strawberry jam, froze strawberries, gave away 5 quart buckets full of strawberries, took strawberries to every carry in event, and ate more that I ever wanted.    It was a bountiful year.  Our little patch has never produced so many large berries before.   It was wonderful.  And now I am glad that season is done.   The husband has enlarged the garden.   We have a 15 ft  x 30 garden.  And now we have a 16 by 16 foot area with the vining plants.   Not a good year for bean and corn plantings.  He has had to replant twice due to all the nice rain that has made the flowers so wonderful.  He plants and cares for the garden  I do the flowers and herbs.  Together we pick and preserve-either freeze, can, or dehydrate the produce.   Since I work full time I am most appreciative of his help.   Our neighbors like to stop in and view the yard and the progress of the garden.  I think because they know they will share in the bounty when we have more than we can eat.   
  So the spring rush is over and I can settle down into the summer routine.   I have purchased the new EQ7 upgrade, which I installed today.  I hope tomorrow I might be able to spend some time playing with it.  I do enjoy designing my quilts on this program.   I did spend Wednesday with my Quilting friends.  We had a road trip to a nearby town to shop for fabric, eat lunch, talk and laugh.  We  have a grand time together.  I also went to the Missouri River Quilt Guild quilt show last Sunday.  Very impressive.  Many beautiful quilts.  Seemed to be a very good attendance.
    Now that I am caught up on the outside work, I hope to be a more faithful blogger.