The sweetest alive

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Once again, I am "on call". This means at any minute the phone will ring and I will be off to the hospital to recover someone from their weekend surgery. It is rainy and dreary so I guess I shouldn't mind. I have been reflecting recently how much of my life has been spent at work, or driving to and from work. Much more than the time I spend nourishing my soul with good coffee, good chocolate, good friends, a movie, creating a quilt, a pillow or a card/. ( big run on sentence there). No time to wax nostalgic today. I am on the mission to create a cute baby quilt for a co worker. If I leave the computer I might get it all cut out today. Lunch is in the crock pot and I am on my way to the sewing room.


Dianna said...

Hope that phone won't ring.

Betty said...

I sure hope your phone does not ring for two reasons. One you can enjoy your day sewing and mostly that no one is sick enough to need you. I love the picture of the old barn. I have always wanted to drive around the area and take pictures of the old barns. One day they will be gone. Remember the fun we had when Carol was here trying to get a picture of the barn she spotted on our road trip. Not to mention the lovely fragrance that went with it.

Gerry said...

Aren't CrockPots/SlowCookers the best?
BTW, I've subscribed to your Posts.

Anna Marie said...

So glad to hear that you are blogging with us. You have a very attractive page!


woohoo another blooger, will keep an eye on you!! cyndi