The sweetest alive

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


When I was quite young,my grandfather told me "time flies by".  People frequently say "where did the time go?".  As a younger mother of two toddlers, I remember thinking, the days and weeks went so slowly and the time would never come for the children to grow older and more independent.   Where did the time go?  The handsome young man, with the very smart "65 Ford Farlaine has become the older man sitting in his recliner watching reruns on the Western Channel.  If someone had told me, so long ago, that 38 years later I would be going to bed at 930 at night insteady of midnight,  I never would have believed them.  That a big date night for us would be going grocery shopping, or eating an early dinner out and being home on the couch by 630pm, I would have laughed.   Our 38th anniversery was March 26.  We are older, I hope wiser and just amazed at how fast life has passed.  We went shopping for some Easter clothes for the Man of the House, picked up some pet supplies, ate an early dinner out and made it back home by 5 pm.   Funny how time changes your priorities and desires.   Fun comes in many forms, none as wild or exciting as we once dreamed them to be.  Happiness and contentment comes in little intimate moments of every day life.  Shared in simple ways.  We are  grateful for each other, our good health, our children and grandchildren, our parents, our wonderful church home, our faith in God and the free nation we live in.    God bless our soldiers, protect our friends and family and help those who are in need  whatever that need may be.   God bless each of you as you read this journey in my Mid Missouri Life.  


Betty said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Russell. I enjoyed your post.


Here's to a wonderful life and a very nice post Beverly. A late HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your husband! cyndi