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Monday, September 27, 2010

The end

The end of the coding class.  Yeah.  Now to try to find something part time to get some experience.   No hurry for that though.   I am so happy to be done.   This weekend I took all the onions ( which was not many) and ground them up for the freezer.  I also took some mushrooms that were on sale and put those in the dehydrator.  I how have some dried mushrooms for the winter.   I like to put them in stews and soups.  I have a hard time using up fresh ones in a timely manner so this is how I keep them on hand.   My friend Betty and I wen out antiquing and traveled over to Hermann on Saturday.  No antiques there.  So we were forced to sit at the Adam Puchta Winery and sip.  I purchased their Vingnoles. A nice simi sweet white.  It was a gorgeous day.  We never run out of things to talk about.  I was amazed at how high the Missouri was.  It was out all over the low places along the way.  Also many of the smaller tributaries are out.  My brother in law from North Missouri tells us we have had over 90 inches of rain since April.  That is a record rainfall year.   Crops are TERRIBLE there.   Get ready for higher prices folks.  Again.  Seems like every year we pay more, make do with less and everything goes up but my salary.    Familiar story everywhere I am sure. 
Husband has three job interviews this week.  Everybody say a prayer that he gets one of those please.    Ralph is still under the weather although not as sick as last week.  He is at least eating again.    I plan to do some sewing this week again for the first time in a long time.    Can't wait.  Love the cooler weather too.  Spring and fall my favorites.   Till next week Bev


twodraftmom said...

Bev, Prayers for the job search! and what exactly did you do with the onions? chop and freeze in ziplocs?


Dianna said...

Great to hear your coding class is finished. Praying for Russell.

Betty said...

I wish your husband the best of luck on his job interviews. You certainly did have a great day to sit out and sip some wine. We spent the day in Westphalia at the 175th anniversary of the town. It was a wonderful event with a LOT of people.