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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Floods and Prom

This was the big weekend for #2 Granddaughter.  She looked beautiful as she sloshed through the mud and water while holding her gown up to her knees.  It must have rained at least 5 inches yesterday in Northeast, Missouri.  There is standing water every where.   All the little creeks, small rivers, drainage ditches and some fields were flooded as I drove South toward home today- in the rain.  A little rain did not deter the determined high schoolers from enjoying the party.  The Granddaughter arrived safely back home at about 0530 this morning and was sleeping when I left for home.   So all the drama and angst was worth the final smiles and thrill of Prom.   The end of another school year on her way to "real life".  I had forgotten my camera which necessitated a quick trip to the local Walmart for a cheap camera to record the big events of the night.   While at  my daughters home for the Prom we celebrated the #2 grandson's 15th birthday.   His is moody and sullen these days.  He has arrived at the " I am smarter than my parents and just about everyone else alive" age.  I hope he comes out of the "black hole of teenager" alive and a better person on the other side
  I, meanwhile had a chance to attend a small quilt show in Keokuk Iowa with my mother on Saturday afternoon.  I was very nice.   I also enjoyed the day events of preparing for the prom.   I think it was a success and everyone there is exhausted and resting today.   Glad to be home again.  Tonight- a movie and the couch.   Work again tomorrow.  For those of you with Face  Book- hop on over to my Facebook page and view the Prom photos.  Cheers


Anna Marie said...

Glad to hear everything went well for your eventful weekend. Your granddaughter looks radiant in her lovely handmade gown.


Beautiful girl in a beautiful gown, wearing of course, boots? LOL! Frankly with these kids these days I was expecting flip flops! I guess that's only with weather permitting! Cyndi

Dianna said...

I hope she carried her girly shoes for the dance. Glad to hear that you were nice at the quilt show (just had to say that--I'm sure you meant It was very nice)