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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Long week

As always, the week has flown by.  I have worked many hours or overtime in the last 10 days.  Needless to say I was very tired this weekend.  I was lazy and did not get up for Sunday School.  I stayed home and drank my coffee and read a bit.  Then off to church.   I fixed a lovely crock pot luch of roast beef and carrots.  Then finished the meal with mashed potatos, gravy, homemade egg noodles, and rolls.  I should have stemmed some of the prolific asparagus we are harvesting, but did not.  I did manage to weed two flower beds and transplant a couple of Columbine.   My muscles were complaining so I stopped with the weeding.  I will resume that task on Wednesday.   I think that this time of year in Missouri is the most beautiful.  The redbuds are nearly done blooming.  The hawthorne and dogwood are pretty.  The grass is brilliant green and the dandelions are bright yellow.  The days are warm with low humidity. The nights are very cool and crisp.  My favorite time of the year.Yesterday, I met with some friends for lunch at the Lake of the Ozarks.  There is a tea room called the Yankee Peddler there.  We met there and had a great time catching up.  Lovely to see the 4 friends again.    Looking forward to next weekend when I will travel up north to visit the grand children and their mother again.  It will be prom weekend and we will see the dress and the hair in all of its' glory.   I wish to seen condolances out to my two friends who lost family memeber this week.  God be with you and with all who read my life in Mid Missouri.  Thanks for stopping by.  Come again soon.


Anna Marie said...

Thanks, Beverly, for bringing us up to date on your busy life. I have been to the Yankee Peddler tea room; I liked the Quiche.

Dianna said...

Yankee Peddler is a great place. Can't wait to see pics of the prom dress, hair, etc. Love your music.


Thank you for the busy week you put in I'm sure you touched many lives, and then painting us such a pretty in words about your life!

Kat_RN said...

From one RN to another, I know about the overtime. I don't do anything when I come home from work. Have you tried the asparagus raw? It is good either plain or dipped, it is a great way to use it up quick. I don't think I would get away with growing it here, too many things that would eat it. I am enjoying reading through your blog, it feels like I am talking to a friend. Nice to meet you,
Kat, RN in South Carolina

Beverly RN said...

Thank you Kat. I too am a rubber stamper, making cards mostly. Wish I had more of that spare time. Welcome to my blog and I will try to look in on you also