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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Radical changes

The longer I live the more I know that life changes from year to year and day to day.  Nothing last forever. Be thankful for what you have while you have it.  Tomorrow might find it all gone or changed.  I am so thankful to have a job as some in my workplace do not.  This past weekend my DH and I drove up to see the daughter and her kids.  Her husband is working out of town and he did not make it home before we left to come back on Saturday evening.  The youngest grandchild has achieved the august age of 8.  And as all young children as they age, has become more interested in his friends than his grandparents.  His little friend was over to help him celebrate.   As soon as the cake and presents were done, they were off to ride bikes and holler.  Fun to watch.   I have been working on my coding class slowly.  I have a three day weekend coming up and hope enjoy a couples day with my husband as well as getting another chapter and test completed,  Hope this finds all well.  God Bless  Beverly


Betty said...

I can relate to the grandkids being more interested in their friends than their Grandparents. My grandsons are 10 and almost 13.
Enjoy your 3 day weekend.

The Farmer's Daughter said...

I'm nosy...just gotta ask another question about the coding. Is this something you will do online? I know nursing is a wonderful paying job and coding would be quite a drop in pay, I imagine. If you don't want to answer, Beverly, I understand!! Just call me curious!

Have a good week,

Dianna said...

Sorry you have to adjust to yet another change due to work. As you said, at least you have a job.

Beverly RN said...

Farmers Daughter- in reply to your questions. Yes, nursing is a fantastic job with wonderful pay. But after 30 years of standing on my feet, lifting people that are taller than me and weigh more than me in beds that are too tall for a short girl, pushing beds and carts along with all the machines and attachements that go with the patient, my back and feet are giving out. I will need back surgery in the next year or so. So I am looking for something that is still in the medical field that I can do from home or contract out. Coding seems like a natural choice because I already know the language and I know what most of the procedures are and involve. I am taking the class online from aaca. I am nearly done. Then I have some insurance for when I can't do nursing anymore.