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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here is the answer

And the answer is $5.00  Yes five dollars.  I wasn't even bidding on this old machine when I realized the auctioneer was going down in price looking for a bid.  When he got to $5 I said yes.  The cabinent is beautiful.  Does need a good cleaning though.  Questions about my ear.  I had surgery in May to resolve a year long infection and repair a hole in the ear drum.  Over the last two months my hearing has gone away again.  Dr. said the hole in the ear drum is back and we need to try a different approach to fix.  No pain or infection this time.  So this week we discovered  why the hole was back and hopefully fixed for good.  Little more painful this time and I seem to be dizzy at times.  That is a new development.  I have not ventured far from the couch except  to look at the computer.  Going up to see the grandkids tomorrow.   Happy news with Ralph.  We started him on Prednisone last week.  Seems to not only have fixed his allergy but has also fixed whatever was hurting him.  I suspect joint and back issues.   Poor old dog things he is a young boy, and wants to go out in the evenings and bark at the neighborhood dogs.   Love being in the country.  His barking does not bother anyone.  And he does so enjoy it.   My back is better since my ESI injection.  So everyone should be fixed now and ready for what ever winter throws at us.    So are you surprised at my bargin?  The picture is of the attachments found in the cabinent drawer after bringing the machine home.  I bought a pink depression glass sugar and creamer for much more than I paid for the sewing machine.  Have a good week.   God Bless.   And thanks to all my good friends for you good wishes and support.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can you guess

DH, best friend and I went to an estate auction.  I bought the following old Minnesota treadle sewing machine, made by Sears & Roebuck. It has the original manual and box of attachments.  The machine is well used but seems to have all the working parts.  Needs a good cleaning.  Can you guess what I paid for it?  You will never guess.   I will tell in the next post.   Meanwhile I had a repeat surgery on my ear yesterday.  Doctor found lots of scar tissue behind the drum from my June surgery.  He thinks this is why the perforation reoccurred.  Much more uncomfortable today than the last time.  I am off work the rest of the week.  Hoping I feel better and can get some sewing in before the week ends.     Here is a picture of the completed pillow from a previous blog.  Managed to get that one completed before Christmas.  The weather here has been outstanding all week  and all last week.  DH picked the last of the Tomatoes and we have 2 quart of juice from them.  It will shortly become a pot of chili. 
DH starts a new job on Monday.  No one is more excited than he is.  It has been a long year for him.  It will be an hour drive for him, but he doesn't care as long as he can work.The job will be a little more money than the last job.  Which will help pay for the increase expense for the gas, I guess.   I plan to back off all the overtime I have been working.  I hope to get back to sewing and knitting more, especially now that he has tilled up the garden and it is officially put to bed.    I am knitting a pair of sock with heel flaps done. Just ready to turn the heels.   I am knitting  the two at a time toe up method.  So I hope to get those finished in the next few weeks.  Will post a pic when those are completed.    God Bless this country and all who read this post.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Killed my back

 Yes it's true.  When you are short and overweight, bending to garden and flower kills your back. I herniated a disc last year at this time gardening ( an accummulation of injury all summer long).  Low and behold, after my stupendous weekend, last weekend, I couldn't walk on Tuesday.  I had the shooting pain down the outter aspect of my left leg that terminates right above the ankle.  Limping along as I push the patients to their rooms.  On Wednesday morning I visited my friendly Anesthesiologist at the pain clinic for an Epidural Steroid Injection.   Not much better as the day and night wore on.  Long night last night.  I always have Steroid induced insomnia.  So about 330 this morning I called in sick to work.  Finally drifted off to sleep about 630 or so and slept until 10 AM.  Once I was out of bed, I am no longer limping and the pain is down considerably.   I hope by the end of the day the pain is gone and I can resume life as normal.   A friend tells me I need more pictures on the blog so I am attaching pics of my beautiful mums and also the fridge with a portion of the sweet potatoes.   We had 75 lbs of sweet potatoes from the 13 plants Husband raised off the 1/2 sweet potato submerged in water.     Some of you also want to know how to freeze the onions.  I pulse them in the food processor.  Place wax paper on cookie sheets.  Spread the onions out on the cookie sheet.  Cover with seran wrap and place in the freezer.  After a day I break up the onions into chunks and put them in gallon zip lock bags.  Then as I cook casseroles or soups, etc, I take out as much as I want and add to the concoction.  As I have no where to store root vegetables, this works pretty well.  It is simple enough, doesn't require much work and the rewards are great in the winter.    Have a blessed week and ejoy this great weather  .  Thanks for stopping by.
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