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Monday, April 18, 2011

Long winter gone

At last the long winter is gone and I have asparagus popping up as well as dandelions.   My parents were here for Friday afternoon and Saturday.  I took mother to the local quilt store, Specialty Quilts in Jefferson City.  Then we took them to breakfast at a local restaurant where 10 % of the sales plus all the tips were going to the March of Dimes.  A friend and her family serve as the waitresses and donate their tips.  So we had to support that.  We had a lovely weekend.  I was on call Sunday.   So did not venture far from the sewing room, where I am putting the applique pieces on the Queen and her Court Quilt.   
I had lunch with my the "Chicks" last Wednesday at the Summit Lake Winery.  It was warm enough to sit on the patio.  I am learning to use a new camera and flogged them into submitting to a picture.   I love them dearly and also the three that were in England at the time.  Great gals and friends.   
I have not blogged since the big snows in February.  I am always tired and have cabin fever towards the end of Feb and into March when it is so dark and dreary. Probably a little depressed by that time, too.   Then about the time the days get longer, my burst of energy and enthusiasm comes back.  I am truly a girl of the land.  I love the redbuds and dogwoods when they start to bloom.  This past weekend they were spectacular.   I am ready to be out in the warm and dig up the weeds and  make my world pretty again.  Just as soon as the spring rains let up some.  I have started on the strawberry patch, which is just over run with clover.  I will need to till up and replant one end of the patch because the clover is so thick.    

I have a bluebird pair which nest in  an ornamental bird house on a trellis in front of the house just feet from the front door. You can see the clematis in the far left of the picture  of the house and then the bird house in the close up.  To the left is a picture of the Daddy who sits on a trellis at the end of the house to the far left of the above picture.  He is never far from the house, so the Momma must be sitting on the eggs.   This will be the 4th year for them to fledged from this house.  It is very fun to be this close to them and observe the process.    This is enough chatting for today.   I am back in the mode to share the wonders of every day life around me again.  So my winter vacation is over and I will hopefully be writing to you all again soon.    Yes, those are rose bushes in the foreground by the trellis the bird is on and Peonies in the back ground,    We have mowed the grass three times already.  Not me -  DH :)  Till next week.   Thanks for stopping in.