The sweetest alive

Friday, May 27, 2011


What a long happy and sad weekend,   Two Grandchildren graduated high school.  My husband traveled to Boone Iowa to attend the Grandson's graduation.  I traveled to North Missouri to attend the Granddaughter and niece's graduations.  Those were both this past Sunday.  Then Monday night we attended a funeral visitation for DH step mother.   His dad had passed away last November.  Annie was very sad after Dad passed away.  I think she is at peace now.   We will miss here.   Now for the job of going through the house which has two lifetimes of living in it.   Will be a job.  I also wanted to post some flower pictures.  My flowers are always so lovely in May.  The prettiest that they will be all year really.  
    In one week I will be on a plane to Seattle.  Then my daughter, granddaughter and I will be on a ship, the Rhapsody of the Seas, to travel up the inside passage to Alaska.  I am very excited to be on the way.  I need a vacation in the worst way.  I hope to spend some quality time on the deck enjoying the view. 

  My heart and prayers go out to all who suffered losses this past week in the tornado's around the country.  This has been a very violent spring.   Hope it will soon be over.   I will post pictures from the cruise on my return.  In the meantime, have a safe Memorial holiday.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Prom the end of April in NEMO.  Pictured is a granddaughter, grandson, and parents.  I think she looks like Cinderella.   I wonder if the night lives up to the anticipation that precedes the event?  
   I was the lucky recipient of a Nook for Mothers day from DH.  I was surprised that he did that.  I wasn't sure that I wanted one.  But now that I have it I will sure use and enjoy it.  Today I am sewing together the Block of the Month blocks from Saturday morning.  Then I am going outside to plant some flowers in the pots and pull some weeks.  The refrigerator in the garage needs a good cleaning also.    Thanks to all who stop by and comment.