The sweetest alive

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Snow

It has been a long month.  Snowing again with 6-8 inches predicted for overnight.  Today was a nice day in the twenties.  My friend Dianna and I went out for lunch, to the Library and then to the local Quilt shop.  I am ashamed to say I have lived here 10 years and I am just getting a Library Card.  I plan to borrow more and buy way less this year.   I do LOVE, love books and reading.  I have so many things I love, quilting, knitting, cooking, gardening, and card making.   I did make a few birthday cards over the weekend.   So fun.   I also have finished these socks.  Which were to be a Christmas present.  My friend will just receive them a little late ( which they say is better than never!)  I also started back in knitting on the Central Park Hoodie, which I started a year ago and then put away.  This was a knit along with Knitting Daily.  As you can see I did not finish with the rest of the group. It is hard to see in the picture, but there is a  single cable down both shoulder edges and a double cable in the center.   I have the back completed as pictured and have cast on to start on the left side.   Perhaps by the end of the year I will have both front pieces finished.   I am not a fast knitter, and other things that I love call me away.    I did want to stop by and say happy January.  Now I am off to spend the evening knitting on the Hoodie, watch some mindless TV and stay warm and dry.  I am so thankful for central heat.  Cheers and thanks to all for comments and for stopping by.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

Hoping everyone had a safe happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  Ours was quiet.  We took down the tree, cleaned up the mess and watched a movie last night on TV.  We were in bed by 11.  We are not very exciting these days.  Our Christmas was exciting.  We left here on Christmas eve and the snow was tapered off here.f  However, the snow was just starting in Northeast missouri.  We drove into it about south of Hannibal.  Took us 4 hour to do the 2.5 hour trip.  But we made it fine with the expert driving of DH.  We did spend the afternoon with the Mother in Law.  It was a hard Christmas for her with the recent loss of her husband(DH's father).  But all of his Children and GrandChildren were in and out all weekend so she was busy and happy that we were all there.   Then on to the daughter's and grandkids.  They were happy to see us and somewhat anticipatory about Christmas.  The older kids are not as into it as the youngest.  The youngest did spend the evening watching the North Pole site for the progress of Santa across the continents.  He was most excited.   On Christmas day we were at my parents.  They are both laid up recovering from their individual surgeries but were happy to see the three kids and several grandkids that made it to the festivities.  We were safely home by 10 pm that night.  On the 26th, we had our good friends over for dinner and a visit.   So that was a full weekend.. 
        Work has been incredibly busy this month of December.   People were trying to rush in surgeries during school break and while their deductibles were met.  Long, busy, hard on the back, days.   Then next week, cases taper off significantly.   After this weekend ( of being on call,  I am at work now waiting for the next patient to come out of surgery), I hope to have my days off for myself again where I can sew, and make cards, and finish the socks I started back in October.  I had to rip one sock back down because I discovered a mistake.  So I will finish the second sock and then go back and knit the leg on the first sock.  I was doing the two at a time, toe up method.  Apparently I was too tired one day when I was knitting and managed to get about 20 rows of the first sock with a repeating mistake which is very, VERY, noticable.  So rip away I went.  It will be much nicer when fixed and I will be glad that I took it back down.  
  Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and a wonderful start to the new year.