The sweetest alive

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This week

Had the best week.  I worked over 45 hours.  ( that is not the good part although every day I thank God I have a good job).   I was able to spend a few hours with some good friends over lunch yesterday and caught up with what everyone is doing.  Time flies quickly and the afternoon did not last long enough.  But to you Kelly, the lunch was wonderful and I enjoyed the visit. Then I stopped by the Neighbors to wish Anna Marie a happy birthday.  Love Anna and Ed.  They are special people.    Then it was home for canning.   I made 10 quarts of V-8.  Although, I guess technically what I make is V7.  Anyway we  like it.  I also use it to make my beef stews in the winter.   I also had peaches ready so, I made a batch of Peach jam this morning.  The trees are loaded as you can see by the picture, so I will have more than enough to put up peaches to eat and more jam.  My husbands favorite  are peach jam and grape jelly.   Grapes are doing to well this year so we will be happy with peach jam.  On Wednesday, I helped a friend make some accent pillows to go with her new bedspread.  She is a novice sewer and it was very fun to help her make three pillows, using material on sale and some embroidery designs.   We made the three pillows for a little more than the cost of one purchased accent pillow.  She was very happy.  It was fun.   My reward for my hard work this week ( other than the wonderfully colorful jars of food on the pantry)?   I am going to eat Mexican for lunch and then on the the new Angelina Jolie Movie.   Then this after noon I will probably do some studying on my Medical billing and coding class that I am nearly finished with.    See you all soon.  God Bless and thanks for stopping by.   And don't forget, if you are of the mind,to add "In God we Trust", or "One Nation Under God" to your emails, snail mails, and any other means you might have to keep our founding principals upper most in peoples minds. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Long time since last hello

Where have I been you ask.  Why working in the garden, the yard, and the Hospital.   Mostly in the hospital.  Lots of overtime and some extra shifts.   Have to make ends meet.  When not working an extra shift.  I am canning or freezing the vegetables that are ready.  We are done with the cucumbers, the green beans and now the corn.  The Zucchini cooked in the heat so it is done.   The tomatoes, beets and peppers are just beginning to get ripe.  Really, what is better than a vine ripe, nice rich red tomato?  So in the next few weeks I will make salsa, V-8, spegetti sauce and some whole tomatoes.   Then the canning will be done, fall will be here and I can relax and enjoy some nice weather before winter.  The rain here in Mid Mo seems to never stop.  It stormed yesterday and again this morning.   Rain is good.  Keeps the pastures green,but really the small streams have been flooding all summer, so enough for a week or two.    I have posted two of my works in progress.  The only sewing I have managed this summer.  I am finishing a block of the month called the Queen and her Court.  The pink pieced block is the center block.   I am also working on the primitive applique as a Christmas gift for someone I love.   I always start early on those homemade gifts.    Now I need to get on with the day.  I only have one day off and lots of work to get done.  Stay cool.