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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Antiquing Weekend

Hello, and less hot this week.  My best friend and I are here in St Joseph Missouri shopping in some of my old favorite stores and also checking out the antiques along the way and here in St. Jo.   We have a lovely room, have eaten at some good food and laughed a lot.  Laughter is good.  Last week was a very sad week as we lost a dear young friend and nurse that I work with.  She died in a terrible accident.  We will miss her every day.    This weekend I was able to find two Christmas presents.  I am always happy when I find just the right gift early.  I have several projects that I am sewing away on, just need some sewing room time.   Maybe next month.   The peaches are nearly complete.  My husband has been freezing them all week.   Only about 50 peaches left on the tree and then they are done.    Be back home tomorrow and back to work on Monday.  So hope that you all have a great week coming up.   Be safe , tell those you cherish that you love them and stop in again soon.


twodraftmom said...

Beverly, so sorry to hear about your friend. We forget that life is fragile. Thanks for the reminder. We are also freezing peaches! They look so pretty but most are not ripe yet.

Betty said...

Those peaches will taste so good this winter when the snow flakes are coming down. I know the family of the young girl that died. My daughter went to school with some her sisters.

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Sorry to hear about your young friend. But glad you are having a wonderful time this weekend. Laughter is very good! Have a safe trip home.


Dianna said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend and co-worker. The weekend away was just what the doctor ordered.

Anna Marie said...

Glad you had a fun weekend. I, too, am sorry that you lost a lovely young lady at work.