The sweetest alive

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


When I was quite young,my grandfather told me "time flies by".  People frequently say "where did the time go?".  As a younger mother of two toddlers, I remember thinking, the days and weeks went so slowly and the time would never come for the children to grow older and more independent.   Where did the time go?  The handsome young man, with the very smart "65 Ford Farlaine has become the older man sitting in his recliner watching reruns on the Western Channel.  If someone had told me, so long ago, that 38 years later I would be going to bed at 930 at night insteady of midnight,  I never would have believed them.  That a big date night for us would be going grocery shopping, or eating an early dinner out and being home on the couch by 630pm, I would have laughed.   Our 38th anniversery was March 26.  We are older, I hope wiser and just amazed at how fast life has passed.  We went shopping for some Easter clothes for the Man of the House, picked up some pet supplies, ate an early dinner out and made it back home by 5 pm.   Funny how time changes your priorities and desires.   Fun comes in many forms, none as wild or exciting as we once dreamed them to be.  Happiness and contentment comes in little intimate moments of every day life.  Shared in simple ways.  We are  grateful for each other, our good health, our children and grandchildren, our parents, our wonderful church home, our faith in God and the free nation we live in.    God bless our soldiers, protect our friends and family and help those who are in need  whatever that need may be.   God bless each of you as you read this journey in my Mid Missouri Life.  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The grandkids

The husband and I travelled in a sleet and snow storm which began just south of Center, MO and increased in intensity until we arrived unscathed at the daughters house in Luray, MO which is  10 miles west of Kahoka, MO the town where I grew up and where my parent and in-laws still live.  It continued to snow throughout the day and th ground is snow white and the temp is a cool 37 degrees. I brought my sewing machine and various sewing supplies.   We finished the prom dress yesterday.  Granddaughter  is very happy with the dress.  Grandmother (me) is relieved that Granddaughter is happy.  The roads seem to be clear now.  So after lunch we will start the 150 mile (3 hour) drive home.  I am always so happy to come visit and so happy to make it safely back home to my warm bed and loving pets.   Ralph,beagle/bassett extroidenaire, has spent the weekend at the home of our good friends the Stewarts.  He enjoys playing with their mix breed Sam.  He does run and stand by the door signaling that he is ready to leave when we arrive to pick him up.  Guess he likes home too.  Hoping one and all have a safe and happy weekend.  Hoping my friend Dianna makes it safely to St. Louis and her mother makes it safely through surgery.   Enjoy the prom dress photos.   Beverly

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The end of my day off. I did finish the Dollar Dance bag that I made to sell. I am generally happy with it. Every time I make one, I find something to change or improve for the next time. Eventually, I will have a product I can make easily without giving too much thought and time to it. Then it will become profitable. I did visit the Doctor today for my ear. Those of you who know me, know my ear has been a problem for me since last summer. Some strange fungul growth and holes in the ear drum. I am scheduled for a tympanoplasty next month. In the meantime, some more growth deveolped ( Which caused enough pain to keep me up for two nights)and required a minor office procedure to excise. Quite painful. So, after returning home I took some pain medicine and slept for a few hours. The ear is still quite sore but nothing compared to before he removed it. Hoping the rest of the week will be more tolerable
The daffodils and tulips are up. They will be blooming soon. After this cloudy misty day, I am ready for a sunny day. Which will be tomorrow whilst I am working at the hospital. Off to bed so I can be awake and responsible on the job tomorrow.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Once again, I am "on call". This means at any minute the phone will ring and I will be off to the hospital to recover someone from their weekend surgery. It is rainy and dreary so I guess I shouldn't mind. I have been reflecting recently how much of my life has been spent at work, or driving to and from work. Much more than the time I spend nourishing my soul with good coffee, good chocolate, good friends, a movie, creating a quilt, a pillow or a card/. ( big run on sentence there). No time to wax nostalgic today. I am on the mission to create a cute baby quilt for a co worker. If I leave the computer I might get it all cut out today. Lunch is in the crock pot and I am on my way to the sewing room.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is the first

In order not to be left behind by my friends I have given in to the world of blogging. I intend to use this space to record my every day life so that my friends and family might know just how full, busy and crazy our days have become. So much to do, so many things I want to do and plan to do with very little time to fit it all in. So this will be my earnest endeavor to display it for one and all.