The sweetest alive

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The heat wave has broken.  One can at least breath when outside now.  Everything is dead and dying, so I plan to clean off the flower beds and pots this weekend.   About a month early. However, I am done with watering to keep it alive.  Grandson,  Garet came for along weekend while his Mom was working.  He helped grandpa with an axle on the tractor, discovered the push mower, and helped me with some gardening.  In turn, we took him to Central Dairy for an ice cream and out to eat after church.  He must be getting ready to grow again, because I couldn't keep him filled up.  We bought some giant marshmallows and made smores one evening. He is lots of fun.   
     I am posting this picture of my antique irons.  I recently organized them on this shelf.  I especially want my friend  Gerry to notice how I have incorporated her lovely gifts into my display.  When I look at the irons, I see the dolls and smile when I think of Geri, Dianna with the Thimble, Betty with the coconut coin purse and beautiful lotus blossom pin cushion which I use every day.   Anna Marie with the picture purse stand and picture.   Betty Stuart with the Toledo scissor set in the box. as well as the sewing shadow box on the wall.   All my dear friends are in my favorite room ( my sewing room) and spend the day with me when I am free to create.  
   I love my Iron collection.  I have two more Irons in the guest room.  they are electric irons with porcelain on them.  The don;t quite match the cast iron collection so I placed them about on other shelves.  I probably have more than plenty but I am fascinated by them.    All so different, useful and HEAVY.  You would have great muscles if you ironed your sheets with these.   

   Life will return to normal now that school is starting and routines are returning to most of the country.   I am always glad when things slow down in the fall and I can enjoy the month of September and October by cleaning up the flower beds and sitting on the patio reading in the evenings.   I want to send out love to all my family and friends.  I don't say that enough to you all.  I cherish you all for your place in my life.   Till next time.  Bev


Dianna said...

What a lovely display. Lots of love on those shelves.

Anna Marie said...

How special to have your grandson for a few days. Thanks for sharing pictures of your treasures.

GerryART said...

What a sentimental gal you've revealed to us, Bev.

Thanks for sharing your treasures with us, gal.

Soon you'll be enjoying the fruits of your gardening labors. So much energy to can your goodness for year-round freshness.

Not certain if you're finished with your squares-n-rectangles' project, but we all are eager to have your company at our 4th Wednesday Nite 'Knit' Nite.


Betty said...

I like the way you have displayed your cherished items. We have several of the old irons as well. They make great door stops.