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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Snow

It has been a long month.  Snowing again with 6-8 inches predicted for overnight.  Today was a nice day in the twenties.  My friend Dianna and I went out for lunch, to the Library and then to the local Quilt shop.  I am ashamed to say I have lived here 10 years and I am just getting a Library Card.  I plan to borrow more and buy way less this year.   I do LOVE, love books and reading.  I have so many things I love, quilting, knitting, cooking, gardening, and card making.   I did make a few birthday cards over the weekend.   So fun.   I also have finished these socks.  Which were to be a Christmas present.  My friend will just receive them a little late ( which they say is better than never!)  I also started back in knitting on the Central Park Hoodie, which I started a year ago and then put away.  This was a knit along with Knitting Daily.  As you can see I did not finish with the rest of the group. It is hard to see in the picture, but there is a  single cable down both shoulder edges and a double cable in the center.   I have the back completed as pictured and have cast on to start on the left side.   Perhaps by the end of the year I will have both front pieces finished.   I am not a fast knitter, and other things that I love call me away.    I did want to stop by and say happy January.  Now I am off to spend the evening knitting on the Hoodie, watch some mindless TV and stay warm and dry.  I am so thankful for central heat.  Cheers and thanks to all for comments and for stopping by.


Anna Marie said...

Today was lovely to be out and about--just before a snow storm arrives. I, too, appreciate central heat, but even more, I appreciate indoor plumbing!

Betty said...

Your socks and sweater both look great. I have the same problem with liking to do too many different things. I alwasy have several projects going. I agree the comfort of a warm house feels pretty good on a snowy winter night.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Beverly, I admire your knitting abilities. I never could get the knack of it, so I just gave up trying. I've done a little quilting, but only on a wall hanging and pillows. One of these days I'm going to try a quilt, I love them. It's good to see you posting. Hope we don't get too much snow, be careful if you have to drive in this stuff! ~Cheryl

Dianna said...

Loved every minute of our day together. The socks look very nice and I can tell that you will enjoy wearing the Hoodie this fall. I can see the cables since you mentioned it. Love the Celtic music by the way.